Disc Golf Rules

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is a non-profit organization that is run by five (5) paid staff members and thousands of volunteers. The group helps promote the sport of disc golf here in the United States and around the world. They also publish and maintain an "Official PDGA Rules Of Disc Golf".

You can view these rules online via the PDGA.COM website (CLICK HERE).  You can also purchase a copy of the rules in their PDGA Store or Pick Up a copy from the local Tournament Director. The cost is the same.

The La Mirada Disc Golf Club follows the rules published by the PDGA for all Weekly and Monthly Disc Golf Tournaments. There are LOCAL additionals rules that are followed during tournament play. There is one set of Rules for the Lakeside-18 course and one set of Rules for the BACK-18 course. The tournament director will hand out correct rules at the start of each round for each group of players. 

The rules are updated periodically so players should always refer to the rules provided by the TD at the tournament.

Here is version 5 of the Lakeside-18 and BACK-18 rules for your reference: