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The La Mirada Disc Golf Club held there monthy and two weekly disc golf tournaments for April 14th, April 17th and April 24th. I finally got the scores posted on the Results page.

Sorry for the late posting.

For the Monthly the winners were: Bobby Musick (Open), Rory Coe, (Advanced), Patrick McConnell (Intermediate) and Brian Jensen (Novice).

For the Weekly on April 17th the winners were: Joe G & Super Dave (Open), Bama (Advanced), Daniel Enos & Nick Bermudez (Intermediate) and Roy Trigueros and Sam Shade (Novice).

For the Weekly on April 24th the winnders were: Jose Alcala (Open), Dan Dantuma (Advanced), Daniel Enos (Intermediate) and Sam Shade (Novice).

No one hit the ACE during these rounds so the ACE pool will carry over to the next weekly which is Tuesday, May 1st at 4:45pm.

As usual you can see the results for all players on the results page (click here). Then click on the document icon for the date that you are interested in seeing.

Note: You must have Acrobat REader installed to view the complete details!